Ketamine Therapy

Ketamine Therapy

Ketamine Therapy

Ketamine is an anesthetic that has been used for many years by an anesthesiologist. Ketamine has also been abused as a recreational drug. FDA has approved the use of esketamime for treatment-resistant depression a few years back, thus esketamine has been approved by most insurance companies after the failure of 2 treatments.

Other forms of Ketamine are not approved by the FDA but are in use by many physicians for treatment-resistant depression-like IV ketamine or IM ketamine or intranasal Ketamine, these are not reimbursed by insurance companies but are available at our practice.

Ketamine treatment is in 3 Phases :

1. Phase of treatment is 2 times per week for a month

2. Phase is once a week for a month

3. Phase is once every 2 weeks which can be given as long as the patient feels it helps them.

Ketamine can cause side effects like confusion, changes in blood pressure, hallucinations, increased anxiety which can last for up to 2 hours after the procedure so patients are told drive or do anything that requires them to be active for the rest of the day after the procedure. Patients are monitored for 2 hours after the procedure in our clinic. You are expected to have a driver with you when you come for the treatment or the treatment may be canceled.